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High Speed Research Network


The High Speed Research Network (HSRN) is NYU's cutting-edge, high-throughput computer network managed by Research Technology Services. The HSRN operates independently from NYU's enterprise network (NYU-NET) and is purpose-built to meet the escalating needs of research workflows for flexibility, low latency, and dedicated large bandwidth. Researchers on the network have high-bandwidth connectivity between HSRN-enabled buildings, High Performance Computing (HPC) resources, member institutions of the New York State Educational and Research Network (NYSERNET), Internet2 (R&E), the Internet, and access to certain NYU-NET resources.

Our network consists of:

Device Type Cnt Specification Switching Cap. Uplink Cap.
Access (48x10G) 32 Dell N3248PXE,E3248PXE 1560 Gbps 2x100 Gbps
Leaf (30x100G) 10 Arista 7280CR3 9.6 Tbps 2x400 Gbps
Leaf (32x400G) 8 Arista 7050DX4, Dell Z9432F Tbps 2x400 Gbps
Core Fabric 8 Arista 7280DR3 19.2 Tbps 4x400 Gbps

To facilitate connection, the HSRN provides 10 Gbps copper upgrades to existing Ethernet outlets, as well as fiber connections up to 100 Gbps directly to specially configured lab servers and workstations.

See current and planned locations for the HSRN.

Start Using the HSRN

To start using the HSRN, you could:

  • Submit a 10G port request to move a existing network connection from NYU-NET to HSRN (typically no-cost). We can assist with research workstations, labs, offices, server rooms, etc.
  • Submit a 100G port request and get a consultation with Research Technology Services about logistics. Afterwards, enjoy HSRNs huge bandwidth and microsecond latencies.
  • Deploy your high bandwidth / low latency application on the HSRN via the HSRN Kubernetes Cluster (100 Gbps Connectivity)

Please also see our equipment guidance page, and feel free to reach out to us if you are purchasing equipment for HSRN and would like us to review your quote for compatibility / suggestions.

Contact Us

Please email with questions or issues.